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Wanted: Energy Myths!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Have you heard an energy related rumour that you’re not quite sure whether to believe or not? Is there something bugging you about your home energy, but feel too silly to ask? We’re here to help people just like you!

We’re wanting your energy myths to bust!

We’ve already busted some of the common ones, such as…

Do unused plug sockets use electricity when left on?

Are my radiators more efficient if I painted them black?

Does cavity wall insulation cause mould and damp?

Is it better to leave my heating on constantly low or switch it on and off?

A full list of previous posts from the Myth Busters series can be found here.

But we really want to get to the bottom of things that you want to know, once and for all!

Which myths should we bust next? Vote for as many as you like!

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If you have another myth you’d like us to get to the bottom of please send it through via our Forum, Facebook or Tweet us!


  • Nicola Lazenby
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    Nicola Lazenby
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