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Top 10 posts of 2015

Friday, January 22, 2016

It may soon be the end of January, but hopefully you have managed to maintain your New Year’s resolutions. Don’t worry if you have broken them already, because we want to help you make a new one and keep it. We have made it our New Year’s resolution to help and support you in saving energy and saving money at home!

2015 was a big year for The Energy Community, and soon we’ll be celebrating our 2nd birthday! We had over 23,000 visitors to the site, from 143 different countries. From Inverness to Hastings, Bangor to Scunthorpe, and Jakarta (Indonesia) to Santiago (Chile) we’ve been helping people to better understand how they use energy and how to reduce it. In 2016 we want to colour in more of the map of the world and help even more people!

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 15.57.18

If you want to make 2016 the year you start reducing your energy usage and save money, what better way to start than looking at 2015’s Top 10 articles on the website. The Myth Busters series has been our most popular feature last year and we’ll keep on busting those myths this year too.

Top 10

#1 Myth Busters #1 Do unused plug sockets use electricity when left on?

Despite being published in November 2014 this is the most popular article on the website.

Qu Mark Myth Buster Feature Pic

#2 Myth Busters #2 Are my radiators more efficient if I painted them black?

The short answer was no. Andrew explains the reasoning behind this.

#3 Myth Busters #4 Is it better to leave my heating on constantly low or switch it on and off?

This caused quite the stir when it was posted on Reddit! The answer is not quite as simple as yes or no.

#4 Myth Busters #3 Does cavity wall insulation cause mould and damp?

Yes you may be sensing a theme here that Myth Busters has been the most popular feature we have added to the site.

#5 120 Second Shower Challenge

Nicola spent one whole week seeing if she could shower in just 2-minutes each day. See how she got on and how much money and energy she could save over a week.


# 6 How to make an energy efficient cup of coffee

Our habit of having an afternoon cuppa could be costing us £25 a year in wasted energy. Alex looked into how we can make it more energy efficient.

#7 Why is electricity cheaper at night?

Another post from 2014 and the first of our Know-How guides to appear in the Top 10.

#8 Pre-payment meters: Part 1 – Introduction

Another Know-How guide that was the first in the series explaining all about pre-payment meters. There are 5.8 million pre-payment meters in the UK!


#9 How are fridge ratings calculated?

One of the oldest Know-How guides we have on the site, but still on of the most popular!

#10 Guest BlogThe most effective energy saving device is also free – David Sorsby, Livelight

Just sneaking into the Top 10 (there were just 3 page views separating this from the next article!). David Sorsby, from LiveLight, launched our Guest Blog series back in November 2014 and was still a hit in 2015.


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