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What’s the Difference: Our confusion cutting series

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Welcome to our new series of Know-How guides: “What’s the Difference”.

In this series, we will be clarifying the difference between variations of the same thing (e.g. boilers, double glazing and light bulbs). Say goodbye to being confused about energy!

There are two things we hope you will find useful in each article:

  1. We want you to understand how these things work
  2. We want you to know what is best for you

Whether you’re torn between LED and LCD TV’s, or choosing between expanded polyurethane and rockwool insulation, we’re going to start addressing these energy issues.

Our first challenge is tackling the confusing world of TVs. Take a look here.

As always, we want to hear what you want clarity on.

Ask us on Facebook, Twitter (@TheEnergyCom) or through our Forum!

  • Alex Buckman
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    Alex Buckman
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