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Future Of The Energy Community

Thursday, September 11, 2014

What you see today is only the start of the journey for The Energy Community. We have big dreams and plans for the future and we’re hoping you’ll join us in this journey!

We’re looking to develop 3 key areas: online, in your community and in your local schools. We really want to create a community where everyone can work together to share their experiences and help each other to save energy and save money.

If you have any ideas on the future of The Energy Community, we’d love to hear about them on our forum! All views and ideas are welcome if we didn’t consider the silly ideas The Energy Community wouldn’t be where it is today!


What we are currently doing Exactly what you can see now! Our forum allows Energy Community Members to share their hints and tips on how they’ve managed to save energy and money around their homes.

What we aim to do In the future we aim to create The Energy Community Online Tool which will allow you to track your energy meter readings and compare them to others with similar homes and lifestyles.

Our motivation for this is the inconsistencies in current online comparison tools. What is the point in Mr. & Mrs. Smith who have a 2 bedroom detached house with 2 children, comparing their energy usage to Mr. Jones who lives alone in his 2 bedroom modern flat from which he runs his business? Realistically, they’ll always use different amounts of energy!

Our online tool will allow you to build a profile about your home and lifestyle to make sure the comparison you’re given is realistic!

Once we can give you these more accurate comparisons, we can then start to give you personalised advice, based upon what those people similar to you find easy to do when saving energy! With any luck, these tips will be more suited to your lifestyle, and we’ll then be able to tell you how much money and energy you are saving, which will hopefully give you the motivation you need to make it permanent!

In your community:

What we are currently doing We’re currently working on getting out into the Sheffield local community to trial run some of our ‘Energy WeighIn’ events. At present we’re working in the city we know to trial run our events.

What we aim to do In the long run, it would be amazing if we could expand to cover a larger geographic area. We’d also love to be able to package these events and distribute them across the country for The Energy Community Members to set up themselves.

In your schools:

What we currently doing We’re currently developing an online tool for young people in partnership with The University of Sheffield. This will allow students to really discover where their energy comes from and how they can make a difference around their home and through their choice of career path.

What we aim to do We’d love to produce a fully packaged schools programme to run in every school across the country, to give every young person a greater understanding of energy and the associated challenges. Maybe in the future we could create our very own energy curriculum too!

Why haven’t we done this already?

At present the largest barrier to our development is the financial capital required to further develop our business.

So far we have developed the business using grants and awards from the following:

  • University of Sheffield Enterprise Zone First Steps Funding
  • Unltd Foundation Do it! Award
  • School of Social Entrepreneurs
  • I’m an Engineer Get Me Out of Here

If you can see a way to help us develop our business or realise our plans please contact us!

  • Nicola Lazenby
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    Nicola Lazenby
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