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Love your fridge – 6 tips to improve its energy efficiency

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Your fridge is one of the hardest working appliances you have in your home. It keeps food cold, fresh and safe till we want to eat it. It works every hour of every day.  Each year a fridge typically costs about £24 to run. It might not sound like much, when your total electricity bill is over £500, but many ways to save money (and energy) here cost little to no money. You don’t need to replace your fridge to improve its efficiency.

Also, if we can get your fridge to work more better, and cool your food more efficiently, we might be able to stop food spoiling as quick and save you even more money! Read on for our top 6 tips…

1._Keep your fridge away from hot areas in your kitchen

Now this only works if your fridge is free-standing and not built into a unit.  Keep your fridge away from warms area in your kitchen.  Hot areas of a kitchen include being next to your cooker or oven, in direct sun, being near a radiator, or on southern/western wall (most smartphones now have a compass app you can use to work out which wall is facing which way). Your fridge will work better in a cool spot.

2. Leave some space behind your fridge

Again, this only works if you can move your fridge.  Try and leave a gap of at 10cm (4 inches) between your fridge and the wall.  This allows air to circulate behind the fridge easier. Also you should dust the coils on the back of your fridge a few times a year to keep them clean (this improves their efficiency).

3. Check the seal of your fridge door

This is one of the most important parts of your fridge! The seal stops all the cold air escaping from your fridge.  Make sure it is clean and nothing is trapped stopping a good tight close.  Often the door seal is one of the first parts of a fridge to break, but can be replaced cheaply and easily.

4. Let leftovers cool completely

Do not put hot food straight into the fridge.  Hot food warms up the air (and other items) in your fridge making it work hard to cool everything down.  Let leftovers cool covered in Tupperware on the kitchen counter before putting them in the fridge.  There is a big craze at the moment for meal prepping such as the Body Coach.  If you are making large amounts of food in advance let it cool first!

5. Get organised

Keep your fridge organised and tidy.  As soon as you open the door to your fridge warm air enters.  The more time it takes to find an item the more energy you are wasting, and the more money you are throwing away!

6. Set it to the right temperature

Keep your fridge between 3 and 5°C.  These are the recommended temperatures to keep food safe.  If your fridge is below 3°C you are wasting money over cooling your food.  If your fridge is warmer than 5°C food will spoiler quicker (and you’ll be wasting money throwing away bad food).  Use a fridge thermometer to check your fridge temperature and adjust the power setting as needed.

One last thing…
If your fridge is more than 10 years old it might be time to invest in a new more energy efficient one. If you are confused by energy efficiency ratings check our guide here.

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    Andrew Timmis
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