Asking your landlord for improvements

Asking your landlord for improvements

Postby Andrew@TheEC » Fri Oct 10, 2014 6:34 pm

When renting it can be very hard to make your home more energy efficient without making significant investment. I've lived in many rented homes which were poorly insulated or needed improvements, such as a better boiler. But, as a renter, often on a short term tenancy, it does not make sense for me to invest potentially hundreds of pounds in a property. The Energy Saving Trust had a letter template which you can use to ask your landlord to make investment and improvements at your property (I have copied it below).

Have you had any luck in asking your landlord to make improvements at your property? If so, how did you go about it?

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Energy Saving Trust letter-

[Subject line - Improving the energy efficiency of [enter first line of your address]

Dear [insert your landlord’s name],

I have been a tenant at your property, [enter first line of your address] since [month, year]. Whilst living here I have made every effort to stop wasting energy and money by undertaking simple actions like:

• Turning down the thermostat [delete as appropriate]
• Closing curtains to stop heat escaping through the windows [delete as appropriate]
• Not leaving appliances on standby [delete as appropriate]
• Using energy saving light bulbs [delete as appropriate]
[Insert other energy saving measures you are undertaking as appropriate]

My reason for writing to you today is to ask whether you would consider installing larger energy saving measures in the property, such as:
• Loft and wall insulation [amend as appropriate]
• Solid wall insulation [amend as appropriate]
• Upgrading the boiler / heating controls [amend as appropriate]
• Draught proofing [amend as appropriate]
• Double glazing [amend as appropriate]

Not only will this help to cut my energy bill, but you will be able to mention that you have installed these measures when you next come to rent the property. This is a considerable selling point given that most people would much prefer to live in a home that is warmer, more comfortable and cheaper to run – especially as energy prices continue to rise. And don’t forget that it is now a legal requirement for a landlord to show prospective tenants a property’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). The more energy efficient a property is, the higher its rating.

And there are currently loads of financial incentives available to you to help improve the energy efficiency of the property….

1) Energy supplier and local authority energy efficiency grants and offers
There are currently a range of grants and offers available from energy suppliers and local authorities towards the cost of installing these types of energy saving measures, some of which can be provided free.

2) Landlords Energy Saving Allowance (LESA) – claim up to £1,500 against tax every year.

This is a tax allowance (not a cash payment) that allows you to claim up to £1,500 against tax every year. This allowance can be claimed for properties you rent out in the UK. You can claim LESA for the costs of buying and installing certain energy saving products for properties you rent out.

I hope that the suggestions, as outlined in this email, are something that you wish to consider. I look forward to hearing from you in due course when you have made a decision.
Kind Regards,

[Your name]
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Re: Asking your landlord for improvements

Postby Jhieko » Tue Dec 23, 2014 7:15 am

Tough predicament. Is it possible show your landlord that comparable units that are spruced up are better value (without increasing your rent?)
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