Does your energy supplier owe you £86?

Does your energy supplier owe you £86?

Postby Nicola@TheEC » Tue Sep 23, 2014 11:43 am

Following from the blog post "Does your energy supplier owe you £86?"
I thought I'd share my personal experience of being in credit to my energy company!

In May 2013 I moved into a 1 year old, one bedroom flat and I decided for ease to just continue with the energy supplier the previous tenants were signed up with. Opting for direct debit, my monthly amount was set at £65 I thought I'd wait and see what my actual usage was before having the hassle of changing suppliers.

I submitted my initial meter reading and waited..... after 6 months I received an email asking for an updated meter reading. As I live in a block of flats I don't have access to my electricity and water meters (VERY annoying yes!) so I contacted my letting agents for an update! When the update came through I found I was in credit by £265 with my energy supplier!! Worst savings account out there ever ;)

Initially I was weary of calling up my energy supplier and asking for my money back. It wasn't until I spoke to a few friends on their experiences to find that other people actually do this! After a quick call it had all been sorted, the money would be back in my account asap.

After that I decided to change energy suppliers since now I knew exactly how much energy I used in 6 months! Turns out I used a lot less than my initial energy supplier quoted me. I'm now down to a direct debit of £20.... Hurray!

Lessons learnt:
1) Don't be afraid to ask your letting agents for regular meter readings, and question them when you think they're wrong!
2) The easy option will more than likely cost more!
3) Regularly submit your meter readings to make sure you're paying the correct amount.
4) Speaking to people helps you gain and idea of what is 'OK' to do. Don't be hasty to get back the money that is your!

Please add your experiences to this post as it wasn't until I spoke to others that I gained the confidence to change things, hopefully we can help others get what they're owed back! :D

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