Tariff talk

Tariff talk

Postby Alex@TheEC » Wed Sep 24, 2014 10:15 pm

In this forum, we can discuss everything to do with changing tariff.

The Energy Community don't offer a switching service, but we want to hear your experiences of switching, so that other people can learn from your successes and mistakes!

As a starter:

1. Do you want to change tariff? Are you confused about how? Let us know and someone will get back to you.
2. Have you switched to a smaller supplier? What has been your experience?
3. How much money did you save by switching?
4. Who have the best tariffs?

It's especially important to make all your advice and questions personal on this forum. Different tariffs are better for different people, so introduce yourself and follow our forum rules, so that anyone reading your post is not mislead!

Remember that to post in our Forum you will need to register here.
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