House Rules!

House Rules!

Postby Nicola@TheEC » Thu Sep 25, 2014 9:44 pm

Welcome to the rules!

We want the forum to be a place where The Energy Community members can find the answers to their questions, and contribute to discussions. We want your experiences to help others and therefore please do follow these rules when you post!

1. Let people know who you are. No one likes advice from an avatar. Make yourself real. Fill in your intro here and let people know about you when you post. E.g. if you're giving advice on insulation, let people know if you've had an experience with it!

2. No one likes rumours, embellishments and lies. They just confuse people! Where at all possible, please make sure that what you are claiming is true. Extra points if you include a nice reference to the source, and even more bonus points if you can show off your own experiment!

3. The Energy Community are completely unbiased and we want you to be too. Therefore, please do not try to advertise or sell anything on our forum.

4. This is a friendly forum. Please do not post offensive comments or posts.

5. Energy saving is a controversial subject. Please be accepting of other peoples motivations and views when it comes to energy subjects. Rather than arguing, the best thing to do is abide by rule 2 and simply tell the facts from trusted sources.

6. The Energy Community welcomes everyone, but in the interests of sharing please write in English, and please avoid text language where possible (i.e. we dnt like it wen u rite like dis)

The opinions written on this forum represent those of the individual member, and not those of The Energy Community itself. We want to create an environment where you can trust what is written, but we cannot guarantee any claims or advice.

The moderators of the forum have the right to remove any comments that breach any of the rules mentioned here, and these rules may be added to without notice.

Any problems - please just drop us an email on

Remember that to post in our Forum you will need to register here.
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