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How I earned £2925.08* per hour

Friday, February 27, 2015

*kind of.

Calm down! Don’t worry, I am not trying to scam you, and everything I did was perfectly legal. To earn this huge amount of money you might think that maybe I have become a professional footballer or involved in some illegal business activity.  I didn’t.  I simply switched energy provider.

Being proactive pays

So I have been slightly disingenuous up to this point.  I didn’t actually earn £2925.08 for an hours work, but I did save £731.27 by switching energy provider and all it took was 15 minutes work. You might be wandering how I, as a member of The Energy Community team, was in a position to be able to save so much: surely I am actively switching and on top of all my household bills?!?

My excuse is that I have recently moved house and joined a house share. Herein lies the issue, and the a challenge for the year ahead.  One of the common issues we have come across when doing work with The Energy Community is within house shares, whether student, professional or otherwise: there is a general apathy for saving energy or money on energy bills. 

I have moved into a house with four others.  The five of us are all in our late twenties or early thirties and quite busy with life and work.  But, when our bill from Eon came through the letter box it contained our personal projection for the next 12-months, £2388.91!!! I was rather taken aback by the size of the bill, and even more taken aback by the sheer indifference of my housemates.  A quick search on a price comparison website and I could potentially save £731.27 by switching to Fixed Price February 2016 from Sainsbury’s Energy (actually supplied by British Gas) and paying by direct debit (unsure about direct debits? We discussed them in a previous post).

Now, when I told my housemates that we could save so much I was still met by indifference.  The saving equates to just over £146 each a year for each person, or £2.80 a week.  Maybe £10 a month doesn’t sound like very much money, but remember this has cost me nothing to do other than 15 minutes of my time.  So the crux of the issue here is, how much would you need to save to be motivated to switch supplier?

How much would you need to save per year for you to switch energy supplier?

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Part of the problem with sharing a house is that it is very hard to get others to change their bad energy habits. Or, something that may save energy and money may require collective action, unless everyone is on board it is hard to get real and lasting change.

Switching energy supplier has been the first (…and easiest) step in giving my new house an energy overhaul.  Over the coming months I shall be looking at making changes around the house to save energy (and even more money), and trying to overcome this energy saving apathy.

Over to you

Have you had  similar experience, or are you in a shared house and looking at ways of saving money on your energy bills and running up against the same apathy?  We want to hear your stories, advice and questions, so please do share them on our Forum.  Remember that if you have a question you can contact us directly, or through Twitter and Facebook.  By sharing this article (using the social links below) you are spreading the energy and money saving message and could help other save too!

This blog post is not intended as an endorsement of Sainsbury’s Energy, nor financial advice.  The best supplier for your circumstances may be different, and you should undertake your own research.

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