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Myth Busters #2: Are my radiators more efficient if I painted them black?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

At school we were all taught that black is the best colour for absorbing heat, but also at radiating heat too.  So, if black is such a good colour, then would our radiators be better painted black than white? Answer: No Explanation: The explanation is two-fold. Firstly we need to understand how radiators work. Whether […]

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How to make an energy efficient cup of coffee

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Would you believe me if we said you could save £25 per year through slightly adjusting the way you and the person you live with make a cuppa?? No, well we’ll tell you how and why. There’s a little maths in this, but don’t be put off by it! According to the Energy Saving Trust, […]

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120 second shower challenge

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Being a ‘mega fan’ of Soap and Glory products  I came across their idea for a 120 second shower whilst browsing their website. The theory and motivation for this being that Soap and Glory encourage people to take long luxurious showers whilst using their products. The aim of 120 second shower is that one very […]

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GB Energy Supply ceases trading – Guide for customers

GB Energy Supply, one of the newest, and in the past cheapest energy suppliers, has ceased trading.  160,000 customers, have been attracted to the company over the past couple of years because of their market leading cheap energy prices (and I count myself as one of these). DO NOT PANIC! The company and Ofgem have […]

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